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About Logical BI


Logical BI is Israel's leading provider of business intelligence solutions that are based on Qlik's advanced product platform.
We provide our clients with complete BI solutions - from the primal stages of project specification, to development, implementation and ongoing support. We have accumulated a wealth of experience through the process of working for a wide range of companies on hundreds of highly complex and successful projects.
Logical BI is active since 2010 and specializes in creating tailor-made solutions for different organizations. We supply user friendly, graphic-based management tools for managers and end-users in a wide range of professional fields including: Sales, Financial, Purchasing and Inventory, Human Resources, Customer Service, Real Estate, Manufacturing and more.
Thousands of executives are already using our unique business models, which we have developed on the Qlik platform. They enjoy the benefits of smart, focused and fact-based management that leads to helpful business insights and immediate improvement in enterprise performance.
Our company employs a team of highly skilled and professional developers with academic qualifications in computer science and many years of experience. Our in-depth knowledge of enterprise information systems allows us to perform seamless integrations with ERP, CRM and content management systems. Each of our projects is based on thorough knowledge of the processes within our client’s organization. We merge various sources of information and build a complete user interface from scratch.
Qlik BI enables smart management from any device, anywhere - ensuring that you'll always know what's happening in your organization.
We believe in continuous effort, creativity and thinking outside the box. We'll always choose a solution that will satisfy our clients' needs and achieve their strategic goals in the most optimal manner.